What Can Be Expected From Dropbox (DBX) In 2021

Dropbox Inc (DBX), a beautiful hosting description-file, including private cloud storage, synchronization of data and client software; and most of all, a replacement for a flash drive on the “internet” in a clear way.

Dropbox operates on the freemium model: the user creates a free account with 2 GB of free space, whilst they need a paying membership (up to 1 TB) or for those having requirement of using more than 2GB of data will have to opt for a Dropbox to raise the account volume up to 16 GB.

Monsters like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Yandex disc, etc. make no sense, whatever fairy stories the company says about itself.

Why do I speak of this small-cap, which, nevertheless, does not pay dividends at all? Arbitration: anyone is going to be sold unexpectedly with a delay?

Constant net losses make the return on capital negative and surprise me: while the share declined by a third since the IPO in 2018, the current price is still several times higher than the balance sheet. Let’s see if it can end the contest.

In 2020, DBX had not a tough year as it rose 31% over a year, but this year things are looking up more for the cloud storage service provider.

The $28.13 stock target is now not detached from economic reality, but it may eventually get a boost, even more, this year as the post-pandemic remote working trend will not end, which will further increase the individual and corporate needs of digital storage platforms.

The stock is now nearing its $25.16 annual peak as the margin stays just above 7 percent to hit that amount. On the horizon of trade this year, however, the medium-term scope for the present levels to hit the average price is around 20 percent.