CHF Solutions [CHFS] Price Action Presents an Excellent Buying Opportunity

CHF Solutions [NASDAQ:CHFS] a company that deals with the manufacture of medical devices geared at helping fluid overload patients recently announced data from a case study and a retrospective study showing the effectiveness of Aquadex Therapy for the treatment of heart failure at the 24th Annual Scientific Meeting of Heart Failure Society of America.

The company treated 335 patients using Aquadex in the real-world retrospective study in 10 years and compared the results with previous RCT trials with ultrafiltration (UF). The study showed that UF demonstrated favorable results in reducing rehospitalization in patients suffering from heart failure, renal function response, and weight loss.

Some of the results from this study were significant removal of fluid (14.58 liters) as well as considerable weight loss of about 15.63 lbs sustained over about 2 weeks. Patients in the study recorded 1.74 fewer hospitalizations for HF in the study year as compared to the previous year preceding UF.

In this study, the patients were older and had a worse renal function, and had more rehospitalization in the year before the UF therapy. The researchers compared the randomized control trials that were focussed on UF (AVOID2, CARRESS3, DOSE4, and UNLOAD5).

According to the researchers, the Aquadex system efficacy to alter the rate of fluid removal played a major role in getting favorable outcomes. The entire study happened at Abington Hospital-Jefferson Health in Pennsylvania. CHF funded the entire project. 

In this case study, Outpatient Ultrafiltration to reduce readmission of patients in the COVID-19 Pandemic, a 70-year-old female suffering from heart failure was successful treated using preserved ejection fraction as well as pre- and post-capillary pulmonary hypertension.

The patient had failed to respond to several outpatient therapies and diuretics and kept on returning to the hospital to unblock recurrent congestions. Considering the risks involved due to rehospitalization, the patient was put through UF treatment using Aquadex SmartFlow in an outpatient setting to reduce the patient’s COVID-19 exposure.

In the course of treatment that took 4 days, physicians were able to remove 4950 ml of isotonic fluid after which the patient showed immediate improvement. She was later stabilized still in an outpatient setting at Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital in Illinois.    

Chairman and CEO of CHF Solutions, John Erb expressed his joy at the results of the two studies and their effectiveness at treating heart failure in the outpatient setting thus reducing the risk of exposure to COVID-19