What Drove the 14% After-Hours Rise In EzFill (EZFL) Stock?

EZFill Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: EZFL) saw its shares soar 14.10% to $0.559 in after-hours trading following the launch of a new program. This caused the stock to surge after the market closed.

Which program has EZFL launched?

Today, EzFill (EZFL) announced that it will launch a new fuel delivery service within a 30-minute or 60-minute window in selected Miami zip codes under its EzFill NOW program. EzFill currently delivers directly to consumers, often at night, at their residences or places of employment. As a result of the EzFill NOW program, the Company is able to provide customers with an On-Demand service, which is accessible through the EzFill app.

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Initially launched in selected zip codes in Miami Beach, the program offers Priority and Super Priority options, with delivery within 60 minutes and 30 minutes, respectively. EZFL subscribers and non-subscribers will be able to participate in the program, with existing subscribers receiving a discount.

EZFL is evolving to address the on-demand consumer market and change the dynamics of vehicle fueling. EzFill NOW was designed to meet the trend of “on-demand” becoming synonymous with “no.”. As a result, the EzFill brand will have a much wider audience, and consumers will appreciate the convenience it brings.

It was earlier this month that EzFill announced it would deliver gasoline and diesel to residential homes and marinas in the Tampa Bay area. A fleet fueling service by EzFill was introduced to Tampa in August 2022, serving a population of almost 3.2 million people with mobile fueling in five locations.

What impact is EZFL having?

The services offered by EzFill (EZFL) are designed with the user in mind, aiming to make fuel ordering and delivery as simple and efficient as possible. With the EZFL app, residential customers can easily place orders, view fuel prices and availability, and receive deliveries within minutes. Tampa is a bustling city, with a growing population and a large number of residents who commute to work by car. By offering a convenient and reliable fuel delivery option, EzFill is helping to meet the needs of this growing population.