What Motivated Freight Technologies (FRGT) Stock To Climb 6% Pre-Market?

In Tuesday’s premarket session, shares of Freight Technologies, Inc. (NASD: FRGT) were up 6.25% at $0.2550 following major platform integration.

What platform improvements has FRGT made?

Recently, Freight Technologies (FRGT) announced that it has integrated with FourKites, one of the top supply chain visibility platforms in the United States. Because of this connection, corporate businesses utilizing the new FourKites product will be able to get real-time coordinates from drivers using Fr8App. The Fr8App platform may provide automated locations to the FourKites New Unified Customer Interface.

Many enterprise organizations, including some of FRGT’s current clients, employ FourKites, a leading provider in track and trace in the United States. By enabling its Fr8Radar solution through this connection, FRGT helps its clients who already use FourKites’ monitoring system track and trace surveillance more effectively.

FourKites has confirmed FRGT’s services by interfacing with Fr8App and expanded its reach to new, substantial clients. The collaboration is seen by FRGT as a long-term source of revenue, and it will be reporting on its development.

Similar action taken by FRGT:

For new Fr8Tech associates and university students, Fr8University is an educational program that offers both classroom and on-the-job training. It was launched in late 2020 and completed first ever graduating class in early 2021. By directly having entered into a cooperative partnership with a top university in Mexico, Fr8University is now moving beyond teaching and hiring students in order to secure FRGT’s access to talent with the goal of ensuring continuity in its growth and giving academia access to real-world business experiences and technological development challenges.

How will FRGT proceed?

In order to strengthen education through the creation of targeted initiatives centered on emerging technologies, FRGT has devised a university-company partnership model. With this, FRGT reiterated its dedication to working with the field of professional learning and to continuously innovate.

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