Friday’s Top Analyst Upgrades: Tencent Music Entertainment Group (NYSE: TME), StoneCo Ltd. (NASDAQ: STNE), Regions Financial Corporation (NYSE: RF)

An analyst’s upgrades & downgrades can cause a stock’s price to swing dramatically. There is a possibility that investing in such stocks may lead to short-term gains, but the analyst could downgrade the stock in a manner that hurts investors.

Analysts commonly use three tiers of rating:

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“Buy” stocks are recommended to investors by analysts when they believe they will outperform the market or their peers. Some analysts also use the terms overweight and outperform to describe a “Buy”.

Analysts who use the term “Hold” expect the stock will perform in line with the general market. Stocks with Hold ratings are not recommended for buying, nor are they recommended for selling. “Hold” may also be referred to as “market performance” or “equal weight”.

An analyst who rates a stock as “Sell” believes that it will underperform the market. There are few analysts who give sell ratings to most stocks. In addition to “Sell”, the terms “underperform” and “underweight” are also sometimes used.

Morgan Stanley rated the Tencent Music Entertainment Group (NYSE: TME) stock “an Overweight”, with the firm’s price target at $4.50-$8.50. Morgan Stanley’s estimates were contained in a research note released on Thursday, December 01, 2022. Several other experts on Wall Street have posted such reports regarding the TME shares. According to JP Morgan, the stock is “Overweight,”. JP Morgan published their figures in a research note released to investors on Monday, November 21, 2022. Other experts at The Benchmark Company have the stock’s price target at $7 price; with their rating of the stock is “a Buy.”. These scores were published in a research note the firm released on Wednesday, November 16, 2022.

Multiple groups of Wall Street analysts have recently been drawn to the STNE stock, with those at Goldman upgrading the stock to a “Neutral” l. The analysts released their assessment via a research note they published on December 01, 2022. Analysts at Evercore ISI maintained their earlier rating, although they did raise the stock’s price target to $16 from $10. Over at Goldman, the analysts restated the earlier stance about StoneCo Ltd. shares, rating the shares “a Sell.” in a note released September 06, 2022. The analysts have also fallen their price target for STNE from $$9.80 to $$7.80.

Wolfe Research upgraded the Regions Financial Corporation (NYSE: RF) stock from Peer Perform to Outperform and set a price target of $24. The rating came out on December 01, 2022. In another research note published on November 21, 2022, Raymond James, downgraded the stock from Outperform to Mkt Perform. Wedbush resumed the company stock to Outperform in a research paper released on September 28, 2022 and set the price target of $25. Analysts at Citigroup revealed in a research note on July 12, 2022, said the stock is downgraded from Buy to Neutral and set the price target of $20. In a research paper which was published recently on July 07, 2022, analysts from Raymond James upgraded the Regions Financial Corporation stock from Mkt Perform to Outperform and gave a price target of $23.

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