How Did The Perfect Corp. (PERF) Stock Rise Nearly 15% Pre-Hours?

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Following the signing of a partnership agreement, Perfect Corp. (NYSE: PERF) saw a rise of 14.94% to $10.54 in pre-market trading on the previous Monday.

What contract did PERF sign?

Becca Bowen, a country pop performer, will collaborate with Perfect Corp. (PERF) to bring her unique “Country Glam” aesthetic to life through AR interactive try-on. The featured look debuts in conjunction with Bowen’s first full-length album, Like You’ve Never Been Loved, which can be streamed right now. Users may try it on on the YouCam Makeup app. The interactive look encourages viewers to experience Bowen’s Country Glam style firsthand with a realistic virtual try-on in honor of the release of her debut album.

A Virtual Try-On of a Country Glam Look Using Interactive AR:

With glitter lashes, petal pink lips, brilliant blonde hair, and a beautiful cowboy hat to complete the outfit, the Becca Bowen “Country Glam” look showcases the singer’s distinctive aesthetic. Utilizing a mix of AR cosmetics try-on, AI hair color effects, and 3D product rendering, YouCam Makeup’s cutting-edge AR and AI technologies bring the whole look—including makeup, hair, and accessories—to life so that consumers can experience Becca’s distinctive style firsthand.

Release of an Experiential Country Music Album:

Bowen’s first full-length album includes songs that Lee Brice, a GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter and recipient of an ACM award, and Rachel Bradshaw, another award-winning songwriter and television personality, co-wrote with Bowen. The tone for Bowen’s album, which she describes as an honest journey through the ups and downs of discovering love and handling heartbreak, was established with the release of her most recent song, “Who I’m Not.” Her featured YouCam Makeup “Country Glam” look is a strong appearance that conveys her desire for happiness and achievement.

Becca Bowen and Perfect Corp. are working together to promote her debut album and offer fans a chance to see her distinctive Country Glam aesthetic up close. The opportunity for Perfect Corp. customers to interact with talent in a brand-new immersive way is exciting for PERF to continue highlighting powerful talents like Becca.

PERF technology: How does Becca feel about it?

Becca Bowen expressed her delight at the realization of her own country glam aesthetic thanks to the amazing augmented reality (AR) virtual try-on technology of YouCam Makeup from Perfect Corp. (PERF). She was proud to collaborate with PERF’s YouCam in such a delightful and engaging way, particularly in the run-up to the release of this record that holds so special meaning for her.

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