Is This Why The Biofrontera (BFRI) Stock Rose In Extended Trading?

As of the last check Monday, Biofrontera Inc. (BFRI) had advanced 4.95% at $1.06 after hours. BFRI stock finished the regular trading session at $1.00 after losing -6.48%. Company shares ranged between $1.00 and $1.0901.

At BFRI, what has recently happened?

In a recent appointment, Biofrontera (BFRI) tapped Gerard DiGirolamo as the National Sales Director. As BFRI’s newly appointed US Sales Director, Mr. DiGirolamo will be responsible for managing its US sales division and assisting with strategic design, expansion, and leadership of the US sales team. His responsibilities will include recruiting and staffing to support Ameluz, BF-RhodoLED, and Xepi commercial activities, as well as spearheading BF-RhodoLED XL launch plans.

With more than 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical sales and commercial teams, Mr. DiGirolamo brings expertise in dermatology to Biofrontera. His most recent role was Vice President of Sales at Verrica Pharmaceuticals, where he built the company’s US sales infrastructure before launching its molluscum contagiosum drug-device combination product. Ameluz and the RhodoLED lamps are part of BFRI’s Ameluz-RhodoLED combination, so this will provide a valuable experience for using them together.

The approach he uses to collaborate with medical affairs, marketing, influencers, and key opinion leaders is aligned with the company’s mission. In addition to launching successful products and increasing market share, he managed to build cohesive and collaborative teams.

How will the newcomer contributing to BFRI?

Before joining Verrica Pharmaceuticals, Mr. DiGirolamo worked as a Field Vice President at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and for 16 years at Stiefel. In his role at GSK, he overachieved sales forecasts for a number of dermatology brands, including Fabior Foam, a treatment for psoriasis and acne. His responsibilities at Stiefel included negotiating with national managed care organizations to obtain coverage of the acne therapy Duac CS as well as the seborrheic dermatitis treatments Extina and Xologel. He was responsible for area and district sales at Novartis before joining Stiefel. Mr. DiGirolamo is a graduate of Rutgers University with a BA.

Can BFRI benefit from the new appointment?

Mark Baldyga will be able to work with Mr. DiGirolamo on the successful implementation of BFRI’s commercial strategy with his insight into and understanding of the dermatology market. By joining Biofrontera (BFRI), Mr. DiGirolamo will be able to use his networks to establish the optimal commercial infrastructure to launch BF-RhodoLED XL successfully.