Pay Attention to this Trade Activity: Xperi Holding Corporation (XPER)

Xperi Holding Corporation (NASDAQ: XPER), a semiconductor and electronics firm, continues to benefit from next-generation audiovisual technologies. The business has announced fresh innovations and plans to market a promising platform next year.

XPER owns sub-micron accuracy low-temperature semiconductor assembly technology. The company’s products may be found in a wide range of multimedia devices, from smartphones to automobiles and advanced machine vision systems. Demand for such solutions is increasing, and Xperi has developed new products for the most promising markets.

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Xperi Holding Corporation (XPER) will display its new advances in wireless audio systems and high-quality home theatres during the IFA event in Berlin in the first few days of September. Xperi will have an exclusive offer in several segments. For example, its sibling company DTS will launch the market’s first 7.1.4 surround sound wireless home audio system.

Xperi Holding Corporation (XPER) has collaborated with household appliance manufacturers like Philips to include DTS technology into their products. Vestel (owner of the Toshiba and JVC brands) debuts the first TVs featuring DTS Play-Fi at IFA. In general, Play-Fi technology is compatible with around 30 different brands of devices. Play-Fi technology will be improved in 2022, and more Xperi customers are expected.

XPER anticipates increased sales in 2023 as a result of the new platform of the first independent media platform TiVo OS for smart TVs. The first Vestel TVs with TiVo will be available in European markets next year, according to Xperi.

TiVo is a smart TV operating system that will provide OEMs additional flexibility. In general, Xperi Holding Corporation (XPER) debuted the TiVo moniker with 1999 in its first digital TV set-top box for recording television shows, playing videos, photographs, and so on. It was the prototype for smart TVs, and today the brand TiVo has been closely associated with a new television operating system. It will not be strongly linked to the ecosystems of large corporations, such as the Android OS.

At the same time, TiVo will be equipped with all of the essential current technology, such as customization of the recommended material, voice control, and so on.

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