The Player of Success: Desktop Metal, Inc. (DM)

Desktop Metal, Inc. (NYSE: DM), a creator of 3D printing technology, has successfully collaborated on novel materials with chemical giant Henkel. An innovative product with high commercialization potential is now being certified.

Desktop Metal announced this week the expansion of their collaboration in the field of new materials for photopolymer 3D printing. First and foremost, we are discussing the certification of materials Loctite 3D IND405 and Loctite 3D 3843 for usage on Desktop Metal’s biggest 3D printer, the Xtreme 8K. These materials have good properties. They are robust, durable, and can take heavy impacts while still allowing for processing like milling and polishing.

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Henkel materials are already available in 3D printers of the ETEC brand, which is owned by Desktop Metal. However, because of approval for the Xtreme 8K big printer, these materials may now be utilized for large-sized items as well as small-scale production. Desktop Metal and Henkel demonstrated the usage of novel materials using a printable bicycle helmet.

In general, new materials have a broad range of applications. They may be used to print a wide range of tiny items, such as electronics housings or locks. They may also be built of long-lasting designed armrests for vehicles and accessories.

One of the main competitive advantages for suppliers of 3D printing tools and services is a large selection of materials. Desktop Metal’s collaboration with Henkel is thus a promising indicator for long-term investors.

For more than two years, the firms have been working together to improve the most promising techniques of photopolymer printing, such as top-down printing, which allows for the rapid production of massive components.

Desktop Metal Inc. (NYSE: DM) shares are down -27.68% year to date (YTD) and are up 4.07% or $0.14 in the most recent trading session. The stock’s trailing 12-month performance, on the other hand, is rough -56.92% lower. The stock is down -8.67% over the last six months and up 92.47% over the last three months. When we look at the week’s performance, it is up 1.70% and 66.51% for the month.