GameStop (GME): What’s happening with GME stock?

Data from the New York Stock Exchange business indicates that GameStop (GME) closed Monday’s session at $164.37, an increase of 6.26%. Former CEO George Sherman of the video game retailer confirmed he would leave the GameStop at the end of July 2021 or after the appointment of his successor.

A report from the US Securities and Exchange Commission indicates that GameStop recruits candidates for the CEO position. Sherman joined GameStop in 2019 and has held the position for about two years.

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Significant leadership reshuffles have been reported at GameStop in the past. For instance, at the beginning of the year, the Board of Directors entered Ryan Cohen into its membership. He was appointed chair of the committee responsible for online transformation.

The GameStop announced in early April the appointment of Cohen as chairman of the board of directors. At the next meeting of shareholders on June 9, 2021, it is assumed that he will be elected. With Cohen in charge, the GameStop is undergoing a massive transformation. They intend to boost online sales while reducing their reliance on retail stores.

In February, Chief Financial Officer Jim Bell decided to leave GameStop. Sources told Business Insider that Cohen was directly involved in his resignation and that Account Director Frank Hamlin left in March.

The stock of GameStop is expected to increase by 2,500% between December 2020 and the end of January 2021. During February, the market collapsed, but by March, quotas began increasing for a second time. At present, the paper is going for almost three times its peak of $483 set in February. Reddit users are responsible for the rally in GameStop shares, who jointly purchased them, thereby contributing to their growth.

During the last check, GameStop Corporation (GME) shares were rising 0.26% to trade at $164.8. The stock of GME gained 6.26% to close at $164.37 on Monday. Stock volume was 10.47 million shares instead of 28.18 million shares within the last 50 days, which was the average daily volume for the past 50 days. Over the past year, the GameStop’s shares have increased by 3268.24%, and in the past week, they have risen by 16.50%. The stocks have gained 1088.50% in the past six months. The GameStop is currently valued at $11.64 billion, its outstanding shares are 65.30 million, and its market value stands at $11.64 billion.


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