FLIR Shares Rose 1.72% Tuesday, But Navionics Can Drive Growth Higher

A new digital automation tool for yachts and commercial vessels has recently been launched by FLIR Systems, Inc. (FLIR), which is in demand and will almost definitely become a popular commodity.

A new product launched in December by the Raymarine brand, which has been owned by FLIR Systems since 2010, is the Yachtsense software interface for handling the electrical systems of yachts and commercial vessels of different sizes.

Many non-military vessels to date use basic analogue switch panels or related microcontroller panels, relays and alarm light buttons to monitor electrical systems.

A new generation system that uses a modular concept is Raymarine Yachtsense. For controlling high-power electrical equipment: electric winches, pumps, generators, etc., additional modules may be added to the standard Yachtsense module. Similarly, entertainment systems, lighting, home appliances, onboard machine sensors and so on can be managed by other units.

All details from Raymarine Yachtsense can be viewed on any Raymarine Axiom Navigation Device Universal Monitor.

The modular architecture makes production and sales simpler, because, in reality, the basic components are the same for ships of various sizes. Around the same time, when providing extra modules, if the user wishes to replace the diesel engine with an electric or hybrid power plant, it is better to include marketing and eventual additional monetization. Raymarine Yachtsense will become a new global standard and take a large market share, not only in the superyacht equipment category.

FLIR is known as a maker of monitoring devices and thermal imagers. But Raymarine provides FLIR with diversification and the new method will lead to the profit development of the business.

FLIR Systems, Inc. (FLIR) was up +1.72% to $53.14 on Tuesday. Over the wee, stock has risen 19% while it has added 31.15% over the past month. Market capitalization of the Wilsonville, Oregon-based company currently stands at $6.97 billion.

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