Death Toll In U.S. Could Reached 321,000 In A Month, Air Traveling Rose 22% This Week

In recent weeks, the outbreak of coronavirus has led to new travel restriction initiatives in a number of U.S. states and cities, including California, New York and Chicago.  The outbreak in the country reached the 12.9 million-case mark on Friday, and according to data from Johns Hopkins University, which relates to it, the death toll has now exceeded 263,000. There remains some concern about global trends in the new coronavirus, especially in the US, where hospitalizations are approaching 90,000.

The worldwide number of confirmed cases has now surpassed 61 million since the beginning of the outbreak, including 12.9 million in the United States, 9.3 million in India and 6.2 million in Brazil. 1.43 million People worldwide have been killed by the virus, including 263,462 in the United States, 171,460 in Brazil and 135,715 in India. In a statement released Wednesday, the CDC predicted that in the next four weeks, the death toll could reach 321,000.

U.S. residents have been advised by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to prioritize online shopping or to use click-collect and not to regroup for Thanksgiving with their families. According to data from the TSA, an organization which is responsible for security checks at airports, almost seven million people have flown to the United States in the last seven days, a rise of 22 percent over the previous week.

Meanwhile in the United States, the Covid-19 outbreak continues to flare up and the situation could get worse this Friday at Thanksgiving family reunions and Black Friday shopping sessions. Nevertheless, TV channel ‘CNBC’ announced a decreased attendance in stores across the country on Friday.

The popular Thanksgiving parade in New York, which normally draws millions of people, took place without an audience this year and was broadcast digitally, with most of the animation shot in advance.

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