One Way Or Another, Maxar Technologies (MAXR) Will Be Benefited From NASA’s Initiatives

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Maxar Technologies Inc (MAXR) is a space technology corporation which designs components for the lunar program, builds satellites for NASA and offers remote sensing services. The Westminster, Colorado-headquartered company is closely observing the political uncertainty in the United States after the November 3 Presidential elections. Company’s further growth strategy is now somewhat dependent on the final outcome of the exercise, as both Donald Trump and Jo Biden have different priorities and policies related to NASA.

The team of new U.S. President-elect Joe Biden has begun to publish strategic plans for the new administration. The fight against global climate change, which some analysts consider to be a sign of the reallocation of funds from US space program, is also among other priorities.

Although the administration has not yet been established and the official program has not been released, the election program of the Democratic Party suggested a priority in July to finance NASA missions to research the atmosphere of the Earth and the effect of global warming on the environment of the world. Support for this area has been reduced under the administration of Donald Trump, and the main effort has been thrown at the lunar exploration program.

At a conference on November 7, 2020, former Deputy Head of NASA, Lori Garver, said that the Joe Biden administration is likely to make it the space agency’s key task to research the problems of our world. NASA is already waiting for staff rotations and could also reduce resources allocated to the lunar program.

However under Donald Trump’s initiative, the private company SpaceX, as well as a number of other players played a key role in the creation of the moon. Company and government priorities in space are already diverging. It is likely that government agencies’ emphasis on sustainable development is more relevant strategically. Companies would be able to have groundbreaking research programs at the same time.

One way or another, some businesses including MAXR can benefit from two directions in any scenario. Maxar Technologies Inc (MAXR) was up 9.62 percent on Tuesday to conclude the trading at $27.58 which brought its market capitalization to $1.58 billion.