WIMI Hologram Cloud Inc [WIMI] Joins Facebook and Tesla in Making Futuristic Tech


WIMI Hologram Cloud Inc [NASDAQ: WIMI] started the week on a high note and though investors have booked profits, the momentum is up. This comes as the company digs into futuristic, but exciting technologies, namely an interface between computers and the human brain. Science fiction movies open people’s minds and eyes to what might happen in the future. One such movie is “Ghost in the Shell”, which brings forth the rich field that is artificial intelligence (AI). Most of the technologies seen in this film are no longer fictional, but are already in use or in their testing phases.

NextMind, one of the leading companies in the AI field demonstrated its developer kit at this year’s CES. The kit purportedly can control mobile devices, computers, and VR/AR headsets. NextMind says that the device can read signals through the visual cortex automatically, thus enabling you to have total control by just wearing it at the back of your head.

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Facebook has not been left behind, with its CTRL-Labs wearable bracelet. This bracelet, that Facebook just acquired works differently from NextMind’s developer kit. Instead of the visual signals, the bracelet recognizes users’ gestures and intentions using EMG. With the visual cortex having more information, NextMind’s developer tool will have more application scenarios, but as of the moment, the bracelet is doing a better job at recognizing users’ intentions. Going forward, Facebook hopes to develop a device that will convert brain signals into a human language without the need to use any muscles. It will just be deep learning that will decode brain signals and enable smooth language. Regina Dugan, leader of Facebook’s product development team, Build 8 says that they hope to develop a special hat that could transmit about 100 words per minute from the human brain in the next two years. Tsinghua University is currently working on a similar concept.

Further, Facebook aims to develop non-invasive AR glasses, said Andrew Bosworth, the company’s vice president of AR/Vr business. The intention according to Bosworth is to have a wearable device that can directly read human thoughts. You will be able to type by simply imagining what you want to type and having the same displayed on your interface.

Elon Musk’s Neuralink also has a brain-computer interface that is in its developmental stages. The company has planted the testing device in three piglets to determine its safety level. The interface is a small chip the size of the coin that will be planted in a human head in an operation that won’t require anesthesia. The operation will also be reversible, so no cause of concern. This chip will read, upload, and download neural information and help convert human thoughts into human language.

Other developments are also in the offing, as is evident in current science fiction movies.  We are to see and encounter most of these developments soon.

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