After the extensions granted by the AFIP, today finally expires the deadline for employees in a relationship of dependence to submit affidavits informative of Personal Property and Income Tax.

The obligation extends to those who during the past year received from gross salaries amounts equal to or greater than $ 1,500,000. The concepts received include all the items that make up the worker’s remuneration: basic salary, additional salaries, bonuses, prizes, indemnities, voluntary withdrawals, etc. Even those who receive wages that are exempt in the Income Tax and those that did not have withholdings must comply with this presentation; always in the measure that they have equaled or surpassed the annual income limit.

The employer has the obligation to notify those who must comply with the informative presentations. The total of the annual income and the data to complete the declaration of Earnings arise from the annual liquidation (Form 1357) that the Human Resources office made available to each worker, in the SIRADIG program or delivered by hand.

These affidavits are, in principle, informative, i.e., tax-free. However, those employees who did not enter the total tax for 2018 because their employers did not make the withholdings correctly should pay the balance of the tax owed, plus interest, but in these cases by previously registering with the AFIP.

The same is true for those who had multiple jobs (more than one job) and did not unify the information for a single employer to make the withholdings; or for retirees who continue to work and did not include retirement in the calculation of the withholding made for the job.

In the same way, the declaration of Personal Assets is informative; but, if from the liquidation a tax arises to be paid because the total of the taxed assets exceed the exempt minimum, in that case they should register in the AFIP and pay the balance owed plus interest.

This year the maximum amount was increased from one million to one and a half million pesos, which requires the submission of informative declarations. Employees who filed in other years and now do not exceed the cap, do not have to comply with any formalities. But first they should check if they are enrolled in the AFIP, because if that were the case they would have to make the presentations, even though they do not exceed the income ceiling. Although this obligation also applies to retirees, it is difficult for them to have equaled or exceeded the new annual income ceiling of one and a half million pesos.

The presentation is carried out using the applications that work from the AFIP Web page, entering with the CUIL and the Fiscal Code, to the site denominated “Profits Human Persons – Integrated Portal”. For Profits the simplified system can be used, where neither the goods nor the amount consumed in the year are declared. They can use this method, that is simpler, the employees that even obtain income like monotaxtistas, and in the measure that they do not possess goods neither debts in the exterior. In order to complete the declaration of the “wealth tax” it is necessary to enter in the site “Personal Property Web”.

Determinative declarations: These are the declarations that must be presented by those who are formally registered in the taxes, whether or not they have to pay it. The deadline was last July 16. According to AFIP, taxpayers have the obligation to present the affidavits determining Personal Assets and, if applicable, pay the resulting balance, when any of the following situations exist:

a) Are registered in the respective lien, even when no taxable subject matter is determined for the respective fiscal period.

b) They must pay the tax in the event of the taxability cases established by the rules, even when they have not requested registration prior to the expiration date established to comply with the respective determination and income obligation. It is understood that there is an “assumption of taxability” when the declared value of all the encumbered assets -duly valued- in the affidavit corresponding to a determined fiscal period exceeds the non-taxable minimum that for 2018 amounts to Ps. 1,050,000. In addition, it is determined that they will not be obliged to present the determining affidavit corresponding to the immediately following fiscal period, provided that, until December 31 of this last fiscal period, they request the cancellation of the registration in the AFIP.

Informative Statements: These are the statements that must be presented by employees in a relationship of dependency, whether or not they have suffered withholding of Earnings in 2018, who obtained annual gross income equal to or greater than one month.